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Air Compressor Hammer Modernization

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We have sucesfully rebuild until now more than 5000 set of Air Compressor Forging Hammer and Air Steam Hammers in to Advanced Electro-hydraulic Driving Forging Hammers.

Advantages of Convert Air Compressor Driven Hammer to Electro-hydraulic Driving Hammer:
1. Removed the air compressor and pipes, reduced air leaking and air pollution.
2. Reduce the production running costs and electricity expense, saving more than 60% than air compressor forging hammer.
3. Same operating method with compressed air driven forging hammer.
4. Immediately start the hammer and immediately apply forging works, saving time.
5. Take use existing foundation, anvil block and hammer arms, reduce investment than buying whole set new hammer.
6. Easy and low cost of maintenance.
7. Reduce noise and improve working environment.
8. Improve production quantity and quanlity.

The hydraulic driving forging hammer complied with Low Carbon Production, and Low Cost Production, and widely accepted by customers from Germany, UK, France, Russia, Turkey, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, India, Vietnam.... forging plants.

Modernization of Air steam hammer Drawing
Sketch Map of Electro-hydraulic Free Forgng Hammer
Electro-hydraulic Driving System For Modernization of Air Compressor Hammer
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