CNC Hydraulic Die Forging Hammer

   Adapbility :   
The numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer is used in precision forging and multiple mould forging of all kinds of accessories.

   Performance :  

1. Hit energy controled by digitization ,you can set it at will.
2. The hit frequency is high,the hammer head return fast and no close die phenomena.
3. The control system show english word,so people can communicate with the machine.
4. The fault diagnosis system can diagnose the machine automated ,this can reduce the analysis of failure reason.
5. The U-Frame and cast steel machine body entirety.
6. We can supply vibration isolation device composed by spring vibration isolation and viscous damping according to the customer's requiement ,this remove the vibration produced in the working.
7. The X type guide rail structure ensurd the good guide and the precision of forgings.
8. The hydraulic liftout device ensured the reliability and stability of mold stripping.

The main technical parameter of numerical control hydraulic die forging hammer : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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